Recognize the people who make a difference…

In the Vail School District education really is a community effort. Please take a moment to recognize the hard work and dedication of the people who make a difference in your life or the life of your child.

of the Year

The importance of this category is two-fold, as the employees in this category not only spend the majority of their time with our students in the classroom teaching, but they are also assessing student progress through grading that goes back to our District families.  Nominate teachers here who are an amazing representation of a seasoned teacher in Vail.

Support Staff
of the Year

This category represents a large part of our staff that works collaboratively with each other for the benefit of our students and families.  Support Staff members are those that are in a role to support teachers, the school and the district as a whole.

of the Year

Take the time to nominate Support Staff and Teachers who are “True Rookies” – new to their profession and the District – who go above and beyond the standard of what we expect in Vail.  We want our new professionals to not only feel welcome in our District, but appreciated as well.

of the Year

We all have those volunteers in our schools and departments that we feel like we can’t live without.  Please take the time to nominate a volunteer in our district that not only gives of their time, but who also has a heart for giving back to others, so that they know how much they are appreciated.

Thank you to our past sponsors!

Hear what others have to say:

“I love participating in the parade – getting to see how excited the kids are as they are waiting in the line to walk, and then seeing the happy faces in the audience showing support to all our kids and organizations!”

“Favorite Moment: Seeing my students with special needs fully participating in the choir or our area.
Reason: These kids are often left out of big performances. With supportive parents and empathetic choir members, I have several students with special needs participating in choir, recorder, handbells; with speaking and singing and instrumental roles in our musicals. As an inclusive school in an inclusive school district, my other students’ help in making this happen really touches me.”
“My favorite moment was the parade, seeing all of our school sites and so many past and present Vail staff represented was awesome! The kiddos from elementary to high school were so proud to represent their programs! And it was neat to see how many wonderful programs there are at our schools!”
“Favorite moment:  Watching my son notice the school banners and say… “there’s your school Mommy, and there’s mine!  And there’s daddy’s school! Where is Evan’s (his brother’s) school?” …which I then found and pointed out.  Reason:  I love that Vail is a family affair for us, and that he took so much ownership in it.  He called it “My Vail Pride Day.” ❤”
“Favorite Moment: Volunteer Lunch  Reason: It’s amazing to be part of a school district that recognizes their volunteers like we do. It was my first time and I loved it!!!”