An annual celebration of  achievement, community, & culture

Vail Pride Day is a celebration of the academic, artistic, scientific, and community achievements of the over 13,000 students and nearly 2,000 staff members of the Vail School District now over 20 years of bolstering community pride and involvement! Vail continually ranks among the top school districts in Arizona for academic achievement and every eligible Vail school is an AZ Education Foundation A+ School of Excellence. Vail’s success is truly a community effort!


Vail Pride Day History

Vail Pride Day was established in 1999 through the collective inspiration of Rosemary Carrier McCain, Vail School District Community Services Coordinator, and Anne Gibson, Vail School District Governing Board Member. The two represented one staff member and one community volunteer to model the district’s motto of “Where Education is a Community Effort.” The inspiration was rooted in the concern that the school district was growing rapidly and as new schools were built there was beginning to develop a feeling of disconnect.

The idea was for a district-wide program that would bring everyone together in celebration of their successes big and small. The first Vail Pride Day was held on a Friday afternoon in Thurber Hall at the Pima County Fairgrounds. Seeing the success of the program, future Vail Pride Days were held on Saturday and grew into the use of Thurber Hall, the Park, and Pima Hall. It became second only to the Pima County Fair in size and attendance. A team of thirty volunteers, evenly divided between staff and community, oversaw the program and it was recognized nationally with a SODEXO Award of Excellence and presentations at two National School Board Association Conferences in Orlando and Chicago.

Vail Pride Day celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2019 and will continue to meet its purpose for at least another 20 years under the leadership of Linda Kubiak and Heather Stough.