Vail Pride Day

Saturday, February 15, 2020
Pima County Fairgrounds

Click the image below for the 2020 Vail Pride Day program!

Vail Pride Day Events & Attractions

STEM Showcase

Come learn about STEM from students and teachers throughout the district. Hands-on activities allow you to experience the excitement of science, technology, engineering, and math!

Science Showcase

Check out our students science fair projects and learn from the wide range of studies and experiments they designed and carried out!

Fun Run

Start your day early with a fun and exciting fun run!

Student Awards

Join us as we present awards to our students for their many great accomplishments.

Art Displays

Browse the student art displays which show off our students’ wide range of creativity and excellence in art.

School Displays

With so many unique schools and awesome activities, it is always a staple of Vail Pride Day to check out the school displays. Get a feel for our different schools and the kinds of work students are doing.

Volunteer Awards

Our success in Vail is due, in large part, to our amazing volunteers. The volunteer luncheon and awards ceremony strive to honor the amazing and selfless contributions of our volunteers throughout the district.

Staff Awards

Our annual staff luncheon and awards ceremony is a huge part of the culture and community in the Vail School District. It allows us to come together as a district every year and celebrate each other.


Students throughout the district work hard to raise money for sports, clubs, & other activities by running concession stands. Buy some great snacks, have lunch, & help our student groups at the same time!


Vail Pride Day has activities and events throughout the day…grab lunch and snacks from our student groups and spend the whole day with us!

Musical Performances

A key attraction are the many musical performances from students at every grade level. Don’t miss out!

Community Interest

Stop by Old Pueblo Hall to check out the many community interest groups who share free information and resources available in our community.

Math Bowl

Our students excel in many areas. Math is one featured at Vail Pride Day. Check out the math bowl as students compete against the other schools to see who wins.

Academic Jeopardy

Academic Jeopardy gives students the opportunity to compete to show which school can win the most points in a wide variety of subject areas from math, to local history, to school district knowledge.


Don’t miss the parade that closes out this great event. Schools, clubs, sports, and more participate in the parade to show off school spirit!